Case Suiker Unie

Suiker Unie has a long Sugar tradition, established in October 1899 (the First Dutch Cooperative Sugar Beet Factory) in the Netherlands. Present day they have a strong market position in Western Europe, focusing upon two markets: the industrial market and the consumer product market (by means of the Van Gilse brand.)

Their mission is to give attention to the entire production chain: from sugar beet growing to the package of sugar on the shelf in the supermarket. To fulfill this mission, the company cooperates closely with his stakeholders – the sugar beet growers, customers, suppliers – in many ways. Sustainability is an important pillar of that mission. It plays a part in all aspects of the business and is closely intertwined within its core strategy. 


Due to the changing markets, changes in market regulation and changing customer needs, Suiker Unie has started a CRM project. Aim, optimizing of the customer oriented processes based on a clear CRM strategy.

First step was to review the CRM strategy , is it future proof? As a next step, determining and optimization the customer processes. Finally, translate the processes in the CRM system of Suiker Unie for the automation and facilitating of the processes.

To establish a 360 degree customer insight for an efficient and effective customer approach, the customer cards where provided with different dashboards. Dashboards with specific information per customer. For example information about status delivery, invoices, financial information.


Employees with customer facing activities were closely involved in this project. By means of a CRM course all customer facing employees has given an active contribution to the CRM project:

  • The changing markets and customer needs were discussed.
  • Set out the CRM strategy to reflect to these changes.
  • In small workgroups the processes were determined and optimized.


To establish solid relationships with their customers during the whole customer journey, the processes were cross departmental – debtor management, sales, logistics, planning, production – determined.

After determining and formalizing the processes, the processes were translated in the CRM system with an agile approach. Part of the agile approach were interactive acceptance sessions. 

The acceptance sessions were the “proof of the pudding”. Can we do a better business, serve customers better with the optimized processes and systems? After the acceptance sessions were held, the key users has trained the end users (train the trainer concept) and the CRM solution has gone live. With early support the users were intensive supported.


  • Clear CRM strategy.
  • Determined and formalized cross departement customer processes.
  • Optimized CRM solution (including 360 degree customer views).
  • Agreed new way of working with CRM system based on the strategy and processes.
  • Implemented 24*7 CRM solution for the different European subsidiary’s.

Edwin Best of The Best CRM was as project manager responsible for the total project. Lead time 11 months.

The Best CRM.
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Ik begeleid bedrijven met de transformatie naar klantgericht ondernemen. Dit doe ik door de Klant centraal te stellen in de bedrijfsvoering. In mijn visie is CRM / customer experience samenwerking met de klant als verbindend perspectief, ondersteund door de juiste (CRM) technologie. Het effect? Een flexibele organisatie met lagere kosten, betere resultaten én loyale en betrokken klanten.


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